Test Automation Services​

Test Automation Services​

In AscentiQ, we help our clients to automate their testing process to ensure more quality with less amount of time and efforts. AscentiQ’s automated testing services are the perfect supplement to our manual testing services. We do automated tests in parallel when our QA experts dig deep into our clients software application to detect defects and code issues that impacts end-user experience. This activity helps to collect meaningful data for your development team.

With AscentiQ’s automated testing services, we can scale our client’s application testing and get regular reports and updates without or along with the need for consistent manual testing. We in AscentiQ that Automated testing is ideal for any stage of the software development project, from the initial design through to the launch. We work with our clients to create a custom automation testing schedule so they have the critical data needed to make their application a broader success to their client base.

We in AscentiQ use top notch technology preferably open source and testing methods to scale our client’s automated test on a large scale or have multiple benchmarks throughout the development of your software.

We do involve ourselves as automation consultants and help our clients in deciding whether to automate or not. While arriving at consensus to automate we consider below factors for tool selection.

Type of Application under test (AUT)

  • Business Size
  • Testing Goals
  • Number of users
  • Project Scope
  • User skill set
  • Development Process

We are also expert in the below testing tool categories

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