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We deliver experienced test resources and you will be provided with information about the quality of software. To make sure that the production is robust in nature, we not only test what the software does but also what it is meant to do, we provide a level of thoroughness that traditional requirements based testing are not able to match.

We focus mainly on finding the bugs quickly in a cost effective manner. We provide an objective and independent view of the software; with this a clear visibility of the bugs, risks and issues will be given to you throughout the development life cycle.

The risks of the product implementation are minimised by validating and verification of the product.

  1. The documented requirements and the contractual obligations are met.
  2. The external standards and specifications are met.
  3. The needs of the stakeholders and end users are met.

We are experienced in working in different types of development methodologies including Agile, Rapid testing (exploratory) or Traditional (Waterfall), throughout the development life cycle, quality assurance solutions are provided which include

  1. Review of test process/Health check
  2. Strategy and planning
  3. Test Management
  4. Test Analysis, development and its execution (system / integration and acceptance testing)
  5. Non-functional testing (performance / automation regression / continuous integration / compatibility / usability / security

We use the most efficient and effective exploratory testing so that the software and websites will work. We make sure that your software or website is reliable by testing what it can be used for by the users and also what it is expected to do by the designers.

Our key elements are

  1. Documentation of UAT test (strategy and plan)
  2. Risk based approach to UAT.
  3. Testing services on demand Defect reporting to the suppliers along with full test management
  4. To be able to trace back to original business requirements
  5. To give full user support during execution Creating and executing UAT test scenarios
  6. Full risk and quality report
  7. Users are given documentation and guides

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