Risk-Based Testing Services

Risk-Based Testing Services

In AscentiQ, we intend to apply risk-based test approach and techniques to find the most critical and most important errors as early as possible with lowest cost. Once we sign on a project, our most fundamental objective is to measure the risk involved in the project. Risks are the things that we do not know exactly what will happen, but we know the probabilities of what might happen, and such possible problems can be a nosedive for the product. These unknown possibilities are called uncertainties. Hence, the magnitude of the risk is the multiplication of the likelihood of problems and their impact. Thus, in risk-based tests, we prioritise and test the most error-prone functionalities.

Magnitude of Risk = Likelihood * Impact

The early adoption of the risk-based test approach in projects is important for the early detection of critical problems. We take proactive basic steps by identifying risks and prioritising the risk list, make a test plan according to the prioritised risk list and tests are executed for each risk to eliminate major risks.

We have two based approaches to our analysis like Inside Out to find vulnerabilities, threats and victims & Outside In to match the potential risks with the details of the situation. We do check the quality against criteria by evoking different kinds of requirements like Capability, reliability, usability, install-ability, performance, compatibility, supportability, maintainability, portability and localizability and justify our testing efforts to the client.

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