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Software Testing Services

We deliver experienced test resources and you will be provided with information about the quality of software. To make sure that the production is robust in nature, we not only test what the software does but also what it is meant to do, we provide a level of thoroughness that traditional requirements based testing are not able to match.

We focus mainly on finding the bugs quickly in a cost effective manner. We provide an objective and independent view of the software; with this a clear visibility of the bugs, risks and issues will be given to you throughout the development life cycle.

The risks of the product implementation are minimised by validating and verification of the product.

          1.The documented requirements and the contractual obligations are met.

          2.The external standards and specifications are met.

          3.The needs of the stakeholders and end users are met.

We are experienced in working in different types of development methodologies including Agile, Rapid testing (exploratory) or Traditional (Waterfall), throughout the development life cycle, quality assurance solutions are provided which include

          1.Review of test process/Health check 

          2.Strategy and planning 

          3.Test Management 

          4.Test Analysis, development and its execution (system / integration and acceptance testing) 

          5.Non-functional testing (performance / automation regression / continuous integration / compatibility / usability / security)

We use the most efficient and effective exploratory testing so that the software and websites will work. We make sure that your software or website is reliable by testing what it can be used for by the users and also what it is expected to do by the designers.

Our key elements are 

          1.Documentation of UAT test (strategy and plan) 

          2.Risk based approach to UAT. 

          3.Testing services on demand Defect reporting to the suppliers along with full test management 

          4.To be able to trace back to original business requirements 

          5.To give full user support during execution Creating and executing UAT test scenarios 

          6.Full risk and quality report 

          7.Users are given documentation and guides


Web Application Testing

 Ascentiq solutions offers a full range of Web Testing Services which is tailored to the needs of the clients. We have highly experienced professionals who are expertise in web and mobile application testing using both manual and automated testing tools for the successful completion of the web testing project and to help the clients in presenting a high quality website.

Automated Software Testing

Our automated testing service, you are provided with a collaborative and functional approach to functional testing, this is done by combination of using the tools and global teams effectively to define what can be automated, and to look at increasing the efficiency and reducing the costs in executing the tests. All these need to be done to speed up the return on investment of the existing testing tool. Wherever required we use our existing frameworks from within our company to capitalise on both enterprise and open source the software tools. With this the implementation is accelerated.

Mobile Web Application Testing

 Mobile Application Testing with increase in the digital technology, more number of people have been accessing websites through the mobile devices. Due to different screen sizes and capabilities, the websites need to tested across all the major mobile devices. At Ascentiq solutions we test mobile sites ensuring that they work perfectly across all the mobile devices like smartphones and tablets in both portrait and landscape. We test mobile apps for iOS, android and windows operating system, here we focus on the system version, resolution of the screen and the capability of the device which could make the application.

API & Web Services Testing

We are living in a digital world where the success stories are based on APIs-Google, Facebook, Amazon etc. All the applications may already be exposing APIs to be interacted with external and internal applications, this dependence of the applications on the external APIs may lead to significant risks and the failure of API in turn leads to unavailability of the critical services of the business. Fixing the bugs and the API changes like adding additional fields might lead to disruption of the service. There needs to be addressing of the impact of regression and ensuring the backward compatibility.

User Acceptance Testing

Functional Testing

Validating the functionality of a product manually is an accepted practise to gain the confidence of the quality of the product. Initially the business and technical requirements are decomposed prior to the preparation and execution of the test cases. We provide functional testing support to numerous applications by making use of different technologies thereby supporting needs of the business in different industry segments.

Mobile Application Testing

Integration Testing

Compatibility Testing

The critical success factor for any of the applications is the functional correctness over a wide range of operating conditions. This is further complicated with the increase in the business demand for complex functionality and security and by the rapid development and adoption of the newer web designs, user interface technologies, standards of the web, mobile devices proliferation of different capability (hardware browsers, screen resolutions and operating systems). Testing products in an exhaustive and extensive nature can be expensive and unrealistic, for this a well calibrated strategy is required to make sure that the quality of the product is not degraded on certain configurations. Our test lab provides latest mobile devices, ipads, operating system versions and combinations of popular browsers.

QA Advisory & Consultancy

Agile Software Development Services

In the web development world there have been rapid changes in the content strategy, accessibility, user experience, web and mobile applications, front end development to back end development, integration of api and web services, UX/UI designing, development of social media apps and portal development. These changes are also happening in the micro categories of all above areas. 

Web development in the modern days is very fascinating and has its own speciality, we no more see any webmaster developing the content of the client or doing UX and UI designs or doing front end development and tidying up in a sturdy database, our industries have gone through a phenomenal transformation in the last 10 years.

Ascentiq solutions with its deep, extensive and widespread experience in ideating, analyzing road map and designing, develop and deploy web application across the myriad industry verticals.

We go back to basics and work out according to the needs of our clients and their users, we build these from the ground up, using the development frameworks of the industry standard so that they are perfectly tailored to the users needs and are sustainable the long term process. Ascentiq solutions provides a bespoke web development services across different technologies ranging from

Java Development;

  Ascentiq solutions has earned a good reputation in delivering business oriented Java development services and customer-centric range of scalable services for elite organizations and enterprises.

PHP Development:

Our team of expert PHP developers makes use of the best practices of the industry inorder to deliver flexible and scalable solutions which support the clients information work flow effectively.

.NET Development

Ascentiq solutions is proud of having unparalleled technical expertise of .net experts. We propose the cutting edge .net solutions with the help of crystal clear understanding of the clients business objectives

Mobile App Development Services