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Agile cards

Ascentiq has embraced the most successful agile methodology.It is providing various sets of agile cards which are used in agile sprintestimation and planning. 

Each estimator can select his choice of cards and is able to provide estimation to the story, the number of days is given a certain value which the estimator selects.

Any questions will be discussed between the owner and the estimator, following which one card will be selected by the estimator to represent his estimated value, thereafter all the cards are revealed simultaneously 

If same value is selected by all of the estimators, that will be the final estimate, if its not the case, further discussions will be made to discuss the estimates, effective reasoning should be given by the high and low estimators especially, following further discussions, an estimate card is reselected and all the cards to be revealed at the same time once again. This is done on a repetitive basis until consensus is achieved or until if it is decided by the estimators that there needs to be deferring of the agile estimating and planning of particular item due to lack of enough information

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