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 AscentiQ was formed in the year 2012 by group of management consultants. Realising the growth potential offered by software testing as a service, AscentiQ was started as an independent testing firm built on the principles of domain-led expertise and innovative IP-led solutions. From 2012 to 2019, we offered testing services to public services, banks and financial services firms across the UK and over this decade built a company that is renowned for its domain-led expertise, quality of delivery, and absolute commitment to client success. Our objective is to deliver quality at jet speed! We measure the depths of our client’s business requirements and method it with prompt metrics and keep monitoring for seamless IT lifecycle management.

In 2017, we decided to chase a bigger dream – to grow by partnering with clients across the IT Adoption lifecycle. We leveraged our domain skills and defect detection expertise to expand our footprint across the entire Requirements-to-Release cycle by adding defect prevention to our skill set. Our services now covered Requirements Assurance, Application Assurance and Program Assurance and we became into being IT lifecycle assurance specialists. In addition to banking, we expanded our focus to Insurance and Telecom domains. Between 2017 and 2019, our client list expanded to include global leaders in public services, legal sector, banking with multi-year, multi-geography projects that have seen us achieve more than 50% growth year-on-year. Last year we saw 20% of our projects been delivered as an ­assurance provider.

Today, we are a technology transformation specialist for global legal firms, retailers, banking and fintech leaders and help them drive business agility through effective integration of development, operations and quality engineering initiatives. We offer Product Implementation, Integration and Quality Engineering services across Digital platforms, Banking solutions and Regulatory systems. Our insight led engagement approach helps our clients quickly adapt to dynamic technology and competitive landscapes with a sharp focus on quality.

Why AscentiQ Solutions

We as a team at AsectinQ, emphasis in creating strategies that align with our corporate objectives and create differences across the IT lifecycle by being domain focused and technology centric. We enable our clients to drive their business agility velocity through our services that cater across areas like digital, data, compliance, assurance and core banking.

Save time

Our highly experienced inhouse testing team facilitates early deliver and effectively helps the customer to save time. Our team has evolved over time understanding customer market trends.

Joy of Integrity

Integrity is one of the foundation of any business. We aim to provide complete confidentiality in all that we do in terms in customer engagement, project delivery and ensure right things are done at the right time.


We provide every customer with a tailored approach which is uniquely based on customer inhouse business. Every testing process in customised to adapt the client business model and requirements.

Proven Methodology

Our team ensures best implementation through advanced technologies and exhibit client example behaviours in the current market trends. We ensure meaningful management practices by forward thinking the future.

Experienced Team

Our team is cohesive, high performing, success-orientated with brilliant minds.We are always friendly, practical and interactive with our clients to ensure best consulting service is provided.

Checkmate for failures

We provide business growth solutions to the clients with the aim to map success even at the critical period. This will enable customer to recover them back to the regular phase of delivery as per the road map planned.

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